Hello Imagine Studios Family!

I hope you are all doing fantastic and took some time to enjoy your March Break.

As you know we have postponed our dance season for the next two weeks until we hear more from the government and health officials. In this uncertain time and changing time, I know there are many questions about what the future holds in the next couple months of the dance season. Please do not worry, I am in the process of discussing options with our teachers and the dance community. I will be updating you throughout the days in regards to all of that, stay tuned.

Happiness is good for the soul, let’s stay positive!
The teachers and myself are working hard to come up with some fun ideas to help you stay active and healthy and connected to your dance family for the next two weeks. Check out our Instagram page ptbimagine and our Facebook page Imagine Studios and our public group Imagine Studios for amazing dance challenges and dance ideas to do right in the comfort of your home. We miss all of you already, and this is a great way to stay connected! (make sure to clear out a spot in the room you are dancing in to stay safe)

Here is one idea to have fun with:
Get creative: teach your routine to your parents or siblings, set up a row of stuffed animals or toys to be your audience, post them on our instagram page and our facebook page, we would love to see you having fun with your dances!

I have asked the teachers to put class dance routine music on Parent Portal for you to practice your competitive and recital routines, if your song is not up by the end of the day please email us and we will get it on there as soon as possible. We encourage each student to do their best and practice their dances as often as possible.

As far as dance competitions and recital is concerned, all our competitions and recital have been postponed not cancelled. I will keep you updated on those as well once I know more.


We are all in this together!
Stay active, stay healthy, stay connected.

Thank you,
Melissa Lee-Keating
Imagine Studios